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Jon, besides having a degree in Computer Science, is an avid programmer, producing specialized software applications as well as shareware games. In the past, he has worked as a Programmer  for University of Southern California.  He is the author and programmer of the award winning software "Runes, The Ancient Oracle".  Jon has many interesting hobbies. Jon enjoys playing with and caring for his pets, Chesapeake, Sluggo, Rain, Stewie Eeeeoooowwwie, and Fonz. Jon, also a musician for over 30 years, (guitar and keyboards) produces and records his musical compositions at home in his recording studio, for recreational entertainment. He is also an astronomy freak. From his backyard, he has produced many beautiful photographs of the planets and galaxies, as well as other Deep Sky objects using his telescope. Jon also participated in Project Halley, (the comet) with NASA Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, Ca. Jon also enjoys gardening and growing his own vegetables. Being Italian, the fringe benefits from the vegetable garden include great homemade pesto and pasta sauces, both fresh and frozen for the cold and rainy winter.





*Due to practicalities, all of our services in the area of Computer Systems is limited to the North Bay and San Francisco Bay areas of California, except under special terms and arrangements with the Client. This is to include all services relating to building Computer Systems, repairing, upgrading, or troubleshooting Computer Systems, Data Recovery, and Virus, Spyware, and Malware removal.