Computer Systems*

We will custom build your Computer system to your specifications.  You pick the parts, you pick the software, we do the rest!  We can also offer guidance and suggestions on what would be the "right" computer choice for your needs.
All of our systems are tested completely (including all hardware and software) and are guaranteed to run flawlessly when you receive them.  For additional details about our systems, visit our Company Info  page for information on how to contact us.

Computer Repairs, Upgrades, and Troubleshooting

We specialize in accurate and thorough troubleshooting when computer systems malfunction.  We go through the trouble of pinpointing the problem.  Why buy a new motherboard because of an incorrect jumper setting or an improperly connected cable?   We can save you money in the long run and restore your machine to health.
When it comes to upgrades, we can offer guidance and advice on what parts you really need to upgrade.  We take into consideration what kind of work you do on your computer, how you work with your computer, and what kind of software programs you use.  We can suggest the least expensive upgrade for the performance improvement you need!
All Repairs and Upgrades are treated as if they were a brand new machine.  When we're finished, we thoroughly run lengthy diagnostics (at no extra cost) to insure that your system is working properly.

Data Recovery

Lost a file?  Lost some very important data?  Hard drive crash?  Forgot to back up your data?  In some cases, we can restore your lost data or retrieve your important information.  When there is no other way, it is worth the small diagnostic fee to determine if we can save your data.

Computer Instruction

New to computers?  Our staff offers Computer Instruction on an individual "one on one" basis to get you up and running, working (and playing), fast.
Need to learn a specific application or two?  No problem.  We can help you learn to use many of the most common types of commercial software being used in today's world.   Whether it's Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Database, Graphics and Imaging, or various other applications, we can help! Contact us for more specific details!




*Due to practicalities, all of our services in the area of Computer Systems is limited to the North Bay and San Francisco Bay areas of California, except under special terms and arrangements with the Client. This is to include all services relating to building Computer Systems, repairing, upgrading, or troubleshooting Computer Systems, Data Recovery, and Computer Instruction.

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